Making A Change

February 2019


Wanting to make a change is sometimes the easier part of the process…putting your desires into action, or even finishing and seeing them through is perhaps where we tend to waiver most.

I have learnt, and continue to do so, that step by step is the best way. Head down, there’s work to be done…and most importantly it can be fun too if you let it be.

With a wardrobe and even rooms, suitcases, attics full of clothes how do we begin? It can feel overwhelming and completely uninspiring.

Over the years I have come to see many patterns emerge as people undertake these processes and the first is the FREAK OUT.

Having been honest about how they are living and wanting to make a change they will say YES to working together with me in their homes and with their wardrobes, yet seemingly within moments they begin to wobble.

So what is this loss of composure, this way of working oneself up to sabotage what is there to be done? And why does it happen?

If we are honest does it happen quite often in our lives?