This website and the work that I do is a collation of years of working with others and my own lived experience.  I passionately believe that we all have something truly wonderful to bring to the world and that I can support you to rediscover and live this for yourself.

With a little encouragement, some playful persuasion and a gentle nudge from a loving and experienced hand you too can live a simple and beautiful life all of the time.

I love the fundamental elements of light and space, design and style and ultimately I love people. I build relationships, have fun and enjoy the process with each and every person I work with.

As I have grown and developed over the years so too has my client base. I travel to give workshops and personal sessions both home and away, to men, women, old and young, and I also present online courses, workshops and one-to-one sessions to the global community.

I loved Jenny’s clarity, realness and loving care.

I love instagram and you’ll find me sharing what I’m up to here