Most clients ask to see some examples of my work so they can gauge wether to use my services or not.

This is not something I do and I have never done this despite being asked to, and even urged to. There are many reasons for this. 

With all of the work that I do the greatest achievement is for you, the client, to feel empowered, fresher, lighter, stronger, calmer, more beautiful, more connected….the list goes on. These things are felt from within and are a natural by-product of the very deep and intimate work we do together.

These things can not be measured or compared – they are very personal and are true for each and every individual. 

The services I offer go deep to help us rid the layers of ideals, beliefs, influences, etc that we take on over the years – it would then be counter to this to then showcase this as it to another. Every single one of us has lived a very different life and what sparks joy to one person may not to another, what one cherishes or likes again will vary from the next.

Together, each client takes their own before and after photos and this is used as part of their own journey to reflect on how far they have come and to truly appreciate the magnificence and grandeur of what they have chosen for themselves. 

My role is to support and be of service to you, the client. The journey is yours with my loving encouragement and expertise. It is not for me to showcase my talents and what I can achieve but for you to really make the changes that will support you to live a truly joy-full, love-filled life. 

Sometimes we don’t want to showcase how we have been living, often it takes a great deal of courage to ask for support and take responsibility for this. On the flip side why would we need to showcase a tah-dah moment on completion?

It is deeply honouring to appreciate and enjoy all that has been and all that you have achieved – and this is a very natural part of the process. It is something that you will feel in your body, in the way you move, and the way you are with others. The reality is that people will feel this for themselves and see it in you, which is a feat far greater than a room that looks perfect. I can assure you however that your room, space, wardrobe will be left beauty-full, inspiring you and others to live in a way that honours you.

Much like the manner in which I work with Interior Design, there is much more than what we see with our eyes. Unfortunately this is often where we have been led astray from our own being-ness by following pictures and images of what things should or could look like. These experiences take into account the all, the bigger picture.

Above all else clients I have worked with have whole-heartedly said that this time spent together has changed their lives. This is not just because of how something has changed in looks but because they have blossomed and loved more from within, the out-spill has been far reaching and it never ceases to stop.

To get a sense of this I invite you to read some of the client testimonials on offer.