Moving around a home that feels honouring of you and cared for on every level has far reaching qualities. When you know that everything has been attended to you are able to go out and enjoy life to the full. Not only do you take this confidence out to others but you are confident to invite people back in to your home too.

When the project was completed every space in my home felt beautiful, loved, spacious, light, joyful. The process was transformative and my life changed forever. 

Kehinde James

Living in a home that is filled with the things you love supports you to embrace love elsewhere. You want and need less and you enjoy the depth and quality of what you already have more. The ripples are felt in what you do and the people you spend time with.

 When I began my house clearing project with Jenny I had no idea what it was going to entail. I had some vague idea that I was going to be clearing out a lot of old stuff from wardrobes, cupboards and drawers, and re-arrange rooms, but never imagined the depth the whole process would bring to my life and the way I live in my home.

Joan Calder

It feels as if a massive weight has lifted and it looks stunning. 

The benefits

There are so many benefits from detoxing your home and the effects continue to reach out further as you move through the categories

• You will build and learn a way to truly care for and organise your things – you will cherish more and spend less
• You will understand what you truly love – not just holding onto things for keepsakes sake, from justification, or from ideals, pictures and beliefs
• You will explore and re-discover your own personal style and what supports you – something no magazine or make-over program can teach you, boosting your own confidence and simplifying the way you live
• You will find everything in your home easily – with no need for duplication or impulse purchasing
• You will know what to keep and what to let go of without fear of regret or worrying about what may happen if you do so
• You will feel free to make new choices in your life, and although small these consistent love filled movements will create far reaching shifts in your life