Living Movement

These deeply supportive sessions allow a greater understanding and awareness of the ways in which we live and move in our day to day lives, so that we may live in our own fullness without holding back in any aspect of our livingness.

These sessions help re-discover and re-connect to everything that we already are, have and know. We are all specialists in our own fields and sometimes we need a little help bringing out the best in ourselves.

‘A session with Jenny absolutely transforms your life.

It changes the way you see yourself – in a super positive way.

It is awesome.’

With years of experience across many industries Jenny is able to translate and share these skills with athletes, professionals and members of the community alike.

With a Diploma in Sports Psychology, a Teaching Certification in Children’s Yoga,  a certification in Dance Therapy, a Certification as a Fitsteps Instructor, and training in massage and body work alongside years as a dancer and a sports instructor, she is able to help look at the ways in which we move and live.

She supports you to recognise what is going on underneath the layers we build up which get in the way of us being able to deliver our all, all of the time.

‘Jenny reads you and your movements like a book

… and knows the conclusion before you’ve finished the intro!

She gently guides you and the results will astound you.’

Starting our days afresh, vibrant and feeling content with ourselves is something we all dream of. Sharing the best of ourselves in all areas of our lives is something that can be achieved and lived consistently. The far reaching implications of living this way are beyond measure for those near and far and for all that we turn our hand too.

‘I have never felt such a huge change in just two days in my life before. It was magical and still supports me now.’

‘I loved Jenny’s clarity and realness and loving care and understanding during the process.’

‘Working with Jenny was a joy and transformational. Her sessions, supportive, gentle and playful, brought order, beauty and love into my life with ripple effects in all areas.’

‘Sessions with Jenny have been transformational as it feels like a door has been opened presenting so many more possibilities in life.’

‘I am myself and I walk and work with my inner heart as never before.’

‘Jenny is an absolute joy to work with – I have never felt so held in a process.’

‘Jenny‘s loving way of guiding me through the different steps and layers was very supportive.’