Thank you Jenny, you not only guided me to clear my home, you did much more. You inspired me to embody spaciousness, stillness, simplicity, love, order, truth and light. I now also understand the practicalities of consolidation, of looking after, and even cherishing, what I already have. As my home and everything in it begins to reflect my true self there are ripple effects in how I move and my relationships with others.   Kehinde, England 

I can share that working with Jenny has been the most incredible opportunity. I now have things in my wardrobe that I love; not just like, but love. Everything about me feels different. I look at my body differently, I dress differently, I walk differently…and the ripple effect is going through everything. The whole house has had a clear out and it has affected not just our home but our relationships as well. It’s the gift that keeps on giving as we all feel lighter and lighter.   Lucy, Australia

Decluttering with Jenny has been quite the journey. Before we started I couldn’t breathe when I walked into my wardrobe. Now finished I am left with a wardrobe that feels so delicate, gorgeous and spacious. It is that supportive that if I feel a bit off in myself I can come back by just walking into it. It has brought on changes in my body and voice -immediately they felt stronger and clearer and my self confidence grew. I felt so supported and inspired by her steadiness. Her sweetness and lightness made the whole thing so easy and fun. We had such a good time together that I was a bit disappointed when she said “You’ve got this now” and there were not going to be any more sessions.​   Marte, Norway

My sessions with Jenny have been profound, challenging and extremely supportive in getting to know and love the woman I am. I now know my qualities and whether clothes enhance or hide them. Jenny lovingly guides you through the fog of the false layers of ideals and beliefs so you can once again delight in expressing who you are through your clothes.   Fiona, Australia


Jenny is all about fun, lightness, going deeper, getting honest and never loosing sight of playfulness during the process, because that is simply what she represents. Two life-changing days with Jenny that literally brought love to our house. The worth of this session is still disclosing. Not only did I understand heaps about self-worth, style, true sexiness and being light, when Jenny was here at home, but I got to feel true love in the house which is something that never ceases to unfold and expand.   Felix, Germany


My wardrobe sessions with Jenny were life changing and continue to have a subtle but very profound effect in all areas of my life. Her quality is that of a reflective mirror who sees you for who you truly are. She holds an ever-steady and loving space to undress from the false outer layers we have accumulated and placed on top of ourselves, stripping away anything getting in the way of being you.   Marcia, Australia


There is no way I could have done this on my own. Jenny has a a real eye and feel for what to keep and what to let go and lovingly holds the space throughout the process. You may have thought you were just getting a bit of help with wardrobe de-cluttering but with Jenny, you get so much more! It has inspired me to proceed with the rest of my house, making space and de-cluttering where I can, with a bit of redecoration in order…”Hello Jenny, I hear you help with interiors too…”   Eunice, Ireland


Looking back at the session now, about a month later, I would say that the biggest change has been that the session and the clothes shopping have been a bridge to accepting myself more like I truly am, and above all cherishing exactly that, having fun and being playful with it. Standing dressed in front of the mirror now is more a confirmation of what I feel to choose for the day, because I know it will be supportive. Supportive, not just for me, but for everyone around, because it will allow them to really and simply see me instead of being met by an image that I tried to create of myself.                Michael, Germany


From start to finish, Jenny was attentive, patient, unimposing and intuitively very responsive to the process I was going through. She was able to read very clearly what I was feeling inside when I tried on a particular outfit, before I was able to find the words, but nevertheless she allowed me to come to the truth of what I was feeling in my own time.   Janet, England


It would not be exaggerating to say Jenny boosted my confidence beyond measure and she gave me back my love of clothes. With a bit of encouragement she even made me try a pair of tweed shorts that are now one of my favourite items. Over the years, I still ask her for help, but I am gaining confidence and style, thanks to Jenny.   Kate, England


Together with Jenny’s support I went through my wardrobe and every item of clothing I owned. At the beginning it was quite challenging to chose but Jenny supported me through this process so well and had the perfect recipe of patience and loving encouragement. By the evening we had almost been through everything, all I had to do was chose, Jenny took care of the rest – I felt so supported – we got rid of 16 bags of clothes that were not me – I couldn’t believe I had so much.   Nadine, Switzerland


Jenny’s approach was simple and honest. Through essentially I was making the choice to keep my clothes or get rid of them, Jenny was unbiased and supportive simply asking me to question each item as I tried them on. What I loved about the process was how Jenny got me to connect with how I felt with each piece of clothing I tried on, and this was the deciding factor for me, from there the choice was easy.   Ian, England


I started to de-clutter my house about one year ago with the support of Jenny. What I love is the learning that I do not need so many things to live. I now have a more organised and spacious area to live in, and my body equally feels more spacious. I can recommend this program whole-heartedly as it brings changes and joy into the body and the home.   Kerstin, Germany


Held in the loving embrace of the exquisitely honest Jenny Hayes, I stripped back my wardrobe to reveal a simplicity, grace and lightness and a selection of clothes that showcase my beauty, my grace, my power, my delicacy and my strength. Life-changing it was. And I do not use those words lightly.     Sarah, Australia


The work with Jenny was sometimes pretty challenging. It wasn’t always easy to open up to pieces I would never have gone to on my own, but together we gently pushed open the door to some new styles and ideas. Now I have more fun dressing myself again. Feeling good in my clothes supports me to stay more connected with my inner beauty and that helps a lot to get through long days better. The whole process was like letting in more light and love to inner places that have been a little dark or hidden before.   Eva, Germany


Jenny is a living example of her own work, and this enables me to feel her integrity and authenticity in our work together. I recommend anyone who feels their life needs a complete change and new perspective to consider taking the risk and giving it a try. It is true value.   Joan, England


Jenny was just lovely to work with – she was truly supportive and unimposing. She encouraged me to make the decisions and she held the space while I checked in with myself about what I wanted to keep. I was reluctant to seek support as I believed I should be grown up enough to do this by myself – despite months of procrastinating. What is amazing is that she has encouraged and supported me to dress in a way that is more honouring of me as a woman – using what was already in my wardrobe! A truly transformational process.   Jean, Australia


I recently did a three session series with Jenny in going through and clearing out my wardrobe and really enjoyed the whole process. I would recommend doing this series with Jenny as the sense of trusting more and feeling into what my body needs feels more consolidated and clear. Thank-you Jenny for an experience of re-connecting to and honouring more of my truth in this way.   Julie, Australia


The two days I had with Jenny were very important to me. After the process I felt light and delicate. Now all the things in my wardrobe are in place and for me it is easy to have an overview. I wanted to buy new clothes with Jenny. I did not like shopping in the past, but with Jenny it was easy. Now in the morning, I get up, look in my wardrobe and choose what I like. Everyday life is simple and I feel like myself. Thank you Jenny!   Ilse, Germany


I found the sessions with Jenny inspiring and transformational. She lovingly guided me to feel what there was to be felt and through this supported me to make decisions about what I choose to have in my life. Jenny held me in respect and love with a mix of playfulness whilst also bringing purpose to the process that unfolded. I would highly recommend her for this life changing experience.   Ulrike, Australia


Although my sessions with Jenny were wardrobe-changing they were also life-changing. they were also life-changing. I now have a better sense of my self-worth and I am more prepared to ‘be seen’.   Carmin, Australia