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WARDROBE · Lightly.Love

Waking up and choosing from a beautifully curated wardrobe with clothes that not only feel good on you but that you also feel good in is the beginning of a deeply honouring and self loving practice that you take out and present to the world. The best version of you and one that you feel happy and confident sharing.

 Before we started I couldn’t breathe when I walked into my wardrobe, and when we were finished I was left with a wardrobe that felt so delicate, gorgeous and spacious. If I feel a bit off I can get back to myself by walking into it, it is so supportive.

Marte Dahl

Living with a wardrobe that only contains the clothes that you love, cherish and appreciate and that feels as awesome to look at and walk into as it does to wear sets up your day in the most beautiful and loving of ways.

I now only have things in my wardrobe that I love, not just like, I mean love. This outlook has rippled all the way through our house…It’s the gift that keeps on giving as we all feel lighter and lighter. 

Lucy Dahill

A session with Jenny actually saves you time and money.

The benefits

There are so many gifts you receive when venturing on this journey and the effects are far reaching.

• You will build and learn a way to truly care for and organise your things – you will cherish more and spend less
• You will understand how to dress for the true you – not from pictures, ideals, beliefs or fashion’s latest must haves, putting an end to shopping mistakes
• You will explore and relish in discovering your own personal style – something no-one can tell you, boosting your own confidence, and inspiring others to do the same
• You will find the simplest of tasks easy once again – packing will be a breeze, shopping will be joyful, life will flow
• You will know what to keep and what to let go of without fear of regret or worrying about what may happen
• You will feel free to make new choices in your life, and although small these consistent love filled movements will create far reaching shifts in your life