Jenny inspired me to see beyond my wardrobe and home and into a journey of self discovery.

If you are looking for a kickstart to your routine and the way you live, a moment to take a breath and reconnect to what’s important in your life and some helpful and practical tools from which to change, these workshops are for you. These workshops can be tailor made to suit your needs and those of your clients, colleagues, friends and family.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, a little lost or looking for a new direction these collaborative sessions provide the guidance and support to transform your wardrobe and your living spaces. Clearing through your possessions one category at a time will bring a simplicity and flow to your life and help to bring out the best of you always. With consistent and thorough loving support, no stone will be left unturned, and space will be created for you and everything that you love.

These courses have been specially formulated to give you the ultimate guide to edit and organise your life by transforming your wardrobe and your home into areas that you love and ultimately deserve. You will receive guidance and support and be given the tools and direction to work this through as part of an online community on a six week course or at your own pace by yourself.

Jenny rocks. Just do it.